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The DGS awards District Designated Funds (DDF) as District Grants or as contributions to Global Grants.


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DGS Principles for Assessing Grant Applications


  • All clubs annually contributing more than $50 per member to the Annual Fund of TRF are eligible to receive DDF for district and global grants, subject to their meeting all qualification criteria.


  • All clubs applying for DDF must pledge the required amount of club funds to the project, regardless of club size or contributions to the Annual Fund. Contribution rates for clubs are set annually by the DGS, and are subject to revision to maximize the DDF disbursement.


  • Applicant clubs must be "up to date" on their reporting requirements for open grants.


  • Clubs must be qualified annually to be awarded DDF. Qualification consists of signing the TRF Club Memorandum of Understanding, and having at least one club member attend the district qualification seminar in person, or by webinar.


  • The DGS aims to keep the application process and the reporting requirements as simple as possible, while meeting TRF expectations for stewardship.


  • The DSG annually recommends limits for each type of DDF award. These recommendations are subject to approval by the district board, and may be revised throughout the year to minimize any carryover.


  • TRF allows up to 50 per cent of the annual SHARE account to be allocated as DDF between district grants. The allocation to the district block grant is determined by the value of the eligible district grant applications submitted by clubs, but can never exceed 50 per cent of DDF.



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The committee chairperson is Gail Williams

Support: Craig Henderson & Roger Hough